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Free Masterclass For Gym Owners Struggling With Their Marketing 

How To Get A Surge Of New Clients, Charge The Prices You Deserve And Give Yourself A $10,000/Month Raise in 2022

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“The secret recipe to a financially successful gym is a combination of 3 ingredients: 1) a great marketing plan 2) the right pricing structure and 3) an outstanding client experience”

There’s a ton of mis-information out there about how gym owners should be marketing their business...after 14+ years of running a 7-figure Small Group Personal Training gym...and coaching hundreds of others to do the same...I’ve put together a free class to show you how you can do it too.

In This Live Masterclass You Will Learn:

The 5 Most Effective Marketing Tactics being used right now to get new clients …happy to pay higher prices AND stay in your gym for years (and not weeks like most gyms)
Learn the 3 most important things gym owners need to get a consistent flow of high paying leads (...without being a tech wizard or needing to spend a lot of money on marketing)
Discover the Single Pricing Secret that’ll help you become the highest paid gym in your area (, get the formula to know if your prices are too low…and if you should raise them in 2022)
Where to look to get the right clients …happy to pay higher prices AND stay in your gym for years (and not weeks like most gyms)
How to get a Cash Flow Surge Immediately (...and what to do with the money after you get it…the answer will surprise you)
Plus, get your first look at the 6-Week New Client Surge Program, that’s about to go live…

Your Coach:

Vince Gabriele

Author of the Ultimate Guide To Marketing your Gym

Award Winning National Fitness Business Speaker 

14 Year Gym Owner…and counting
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